James Felton Keith, President of The Data Union at Data Protection World Forum 2018

Talk on 'GDPR as a Catalyst for American Data Ownership Law'.

James Felton Keith is currently President of The Data Union. Affectionately known as JFK, he is an award winning engineer and serial-entrepreneur that defined data as a natural resource in the book Personal Data: The People’s Asset Class.

JFK has incubated the data industry via his founding of the Data Trade Association and Personal Data Week conferences. He has either written or influenced all of the global cyber policy over the past 10 years. A serial-entrepreneur, he has founded 12 companies of which 5 were successful.

Max Schrems Keynote at European Data Protection Summit 2019

Known as  "the man who took on Facebook and won" following lawsuits against the tech giant for Privacy Violations.

Max filed the first GDPR complaint against Facebook & Google, signalling the start of what seems likely to be a lengthy shift towards Data Privacy for these multinationals. He has recently appeared in the European Court of Justice, and the court will give a non-binding opinion on the Schrems Facebook case on the 12th of December. 


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